Fly Me To You!

One of the reasons I got into professional companionship was my love of travel, in addition to an actual need to be able to travel with some regularity since I was embarking on a long distance relationship when one of my partners moved to the East Coast from Boulder. For many years I toured DC and New York, as well some other locations in Arizona (where my sister and friends live) and the Bay Area (where everyone lives). Then I decided to move to DC, both to be closer to the aforementioned partner and to make touring the East Coast easier.

I still love to travel, but… my body seems to like it less the older I get, unfortunately. I actually haven’t toured as much as I’d like to this year, due to a lot of factors but some of them have to do with the fact that I get terrible insomnia in any bed that’s not my own. Also, with the recent legislation put through the US congress and the loss of many advertising platforms, it is harder to get business while on tour. Which makes it less of an investment and more of a panic to profit (I almost always do, but it feels less worthwhile in the long run).

This has led me to decide that I am very likely not to tour this fall, 2018. I’ve made declarations like this before and then gone back on them— notably last fall when I decided not to tour and then 2 weeks later decided to go to New York for a photoshoot (heavily featured on this site, thank you Blue Egg Boudoir!). Something like that seems likely to happen again, but damnit I’d kind of like to stay home with Beans, Tater and my roommate lover. I’d like to finally feel like I can take some time to get to know my new city better, as well— touring can be very discombobulating, and I still don’t feel like my home now is my home.

I am always available for Fly Me To You appointments, though! Even with all this travel weariness, I can always make it happen if the opportunity is right. I will travel to any city on the east coast for 4+ hour appointment, plus travel and accommodations. And I will come anywhere else in the US for an overnight or longer, plus travel and accommodations. Email me any time at to get a quote, or if you have any questions about my Fly Me To You Services. I am available for international travel as well.

Looking forward to meeting many of you all over the globe, but hopefully some of you in DC over the next few months :D