Pet Appreciation Post

My friends communing over scents.

My friends communing over scents.

If you are on twitter or switter, one thing you may have noticed about many of the sex workers you follow is that we love our animals! I am certainly no exception. I was raised a cat person by cat people, but also have a deep love and appreciation for dogs. I'm really just an animal person- I've had gerbil, hamster, lizard, fish, and rat friends over the course of my life!

My current fur companions are Beans, a red tabby long-hair cat, and Tater, a geriatric Boston Terrier. I have had Beans since she was a kitten, and adopted Tater when he was 11 (he is now 15). I have a soft spot in my heart for older dogs who need a little extra special care- Tater needed to have companions who could be with him 24/7 because he is extremely needy and anxious, and since my partner and I both "work from home" we were perfect candidates to adopt him. He is a huge pain in the ass and smells terrible, and is also just about the most perfect thing on the planet. We have no idea how much longer he'll be with us on the earthly plane, but he still has a ton of energy and seems pretty healthy other than being mostly blind and deaf.

Beans is now 11, so getting up there in years as well but also a perfect picture of health. Well, she's chunky but I refuse to accept that her extra girth has any bad effects on her health. She is playful, furry and shiny. Most of all, she is super duper sweet! She loves to sleep around my head at night, sort of like a big orange cat crown. She especially loves ear and cheek scritches, but like any cat also loves a good back at the base of the tail scritch and thump. She likes to go outside but only for a few minutes because she spooks easily. She likes to get brushed and doesn't mind going to the vet, which is very unusual.

Beans and Tater did not get along well when we originally brought Tater home- in fact, Beans hid in the bedroom for 6 months before finally taking over the house again. I think she must have learned at some point that she could actually boss him around, and then felt fine. She weighs 5 more pounds than him! They get along well enough now, by which I mean they mostly ignore each other. But they do sometimes play and will occasionally share a cushion with one another, though I wouldn't call it "snuggling." Tater tries to eats Beans food so we have to put it up higher than he can jump, but she is very respectful of his food and/ or thinks it's disgusting and won't have anything to do with it.

I generally really like and trust people who are also animal lovers, so I wanted to write about animals so that you might like and trust me more! If you ever have me over to your place and have animals, please do not hesitate to introduce me to your furry friends! I love every single animal on the planet and will love yours, too!