My Favo(u)rite Movie! A Review

My very good friend Inari Popcorn recently invited me out to see a little film called The Favourite. I didn’t know anything about the movie other than the fact that Olivia Colman won the best actress Oscar for it this year, and I love her so of course I agreed to go. If you aren’t familiar with Olivia Colman, I suggest checking out everything she’s ever done because she’s incredible. I first discovered her on a show called Peep Show, which is a British comedy, and I think it’s on either Netflix or Hulu if you’d like to check it out. Which you should. As well as Broadchurch. And also The Night Manager. (She will also be playing older Queen Elizabeth in the next season of The Crown! So Excited!)

Anyhow, the title of this blog post is misleading; it’s not my favorite movie ever, but it is my favorite movie I have seen since several weeks ago at least. It’s so good! There you go, review over: go see this movie it is so good.

Just kidding, I do have more to say about it but from now on there will be spoilers so beware! I’m not sure if I enjoyed this movie more because I knew nothing about it, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a period drama with some comedy, and what I got was a LESBIAN PERIOD DARK COMEDY which really hit the spot for me.

What I absolutely loved about this particular sapphic flick, and what it really set it apart from other queer films, was the fact that it was not a romance movie. Olivia Colman plays Queen Anne, the early 18th century British monarch, and Rachel Weisz plays Sarah Churchill, a duchess who has all but taken over ruling due to Queen Anne’s failing health, and who is also her court favorite- in more ways than one wink wink nudge nudge. Theirs is definitely a loving relationship, a bit romantic even, but is clear that this movie is all about the power dynamics of their relationship and not romance. Emma Stone plays Abigail Masham (née Hill) Sarah’s cousin who’s father sold her to pay off a gambling debt. She asks Sarah to employ her as a scullery maid in the palace, and eventually works her way into a position of being the Queen’s maid of the bed chamber- in more ways than one wink wink NUDGE NUDGE! Both women vying to be the Queen’s favorite care way less about the Queen herself than they do their position within the court and society, and let me just say that I think it’s important to see queer stories that are about things besides love. Love is lovely, but there is so much more intricacy to human connection that should be explored in art!

All 3 of these performances are incredible, and all 3 women are radiant and exquisite. I think that Queen Anne is not supposed to be seen as beautiful in this movie, or at least that some might not view her that way. But I personally found her beautiful! Rachel Weisz really kills it with a top notch boss attitude and masculine riding/ shooting outfits. Emma Stone is her always adorable and gorgeous self— I just love her facial expressions, she is fantastic at emoting. Nicholas Hoult is also in this movie, and he gives a great performance as well- but the best thing about his character are the increasing elaborate moles drawn on his face. Hearts, stars… is that a lion?

There is a dance scene that is reason enough alone to see this movie, and I’m not even sure how to describe it. You know how many period films have a dance scene, and the dances often seem very stuffy and boring and just not how we dance today? Well, this scene was, shall we say, choreographed a little differently and with a few modern touches. There were actually several subtle anachronistic elements that I very much appreciated— lace that was obviously laser cut, other fabrics that didn’t exist in the early 18th century, and the fact that the queen had pet rabbits in gilded cages. There were so many clever, small touches that I know I missed a lot.

In case you couldn’t tell from the fact I wrote a whole blog post about it, I loved this film and you might consider it required viewing for impressing me. I would love to talk to everyone about it! I will likely watch it again and again throughout my life, thus is the impact it has had on me.