My Adventure with Microdosing: An Anticlimactic Tale

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen me tweeting recently that I was experimenting with microdosing L S D (spaces there to avoid AIs finding illicit info on my site and shutting me down lol, not that I’m usually trying that hard). One tweeter took umbrage with this, warning me to be careful to protect my brain meats and intelligence. But the rest of twitter reasonably asked me to report back on the results, so here I am doing so! I have great news for the concerned man of twitter: not only did microdosing seemingly not destroy my brain, it really did nothing of note at all.

To be fair, I did not experiment much with doses or how many days I was spacing it out because, frankly, I got bored with the process. First, I’ll give some basic info on this process:

A friend of mine gifted me with 2 100mg tabs, which is the traditional dose for 2 people. I first tested the product to make sure it was pure after procuring a lab test from this company. It is always, always a good idea to test your product if you can! But I personally chose to because I am extremely sensitive to amphetamines, and wanted to make sure this product did not contain any as it is common for lab created products to contain substances that they should not. Luckily, my tabs were not tainted in such a way, so I moved forward with the project! I obtained distilled water to dilute the tabs—it is critical to use distilled water so that you are not adding other chemicals into the mix, as they can mess the product and make it uh… non-reactive? I’m not a science words expert so I’m sure that sentence is all fucked up. Important point is that distilled water is a must.

I diluted each tab in individual bottles, one with 10mg of water and the other (the one I used a small portion of to test the product) with 9mg of water. I then wrapped these bottles in tin foil since sunlight can also damage the potency of the product. In order to microdose, I first experimented with a 1mg dose from the 10mg bottle. The effects are supposed to be sub-perceptual so I felt that this dose was a little too high for me, since I found myself lightly tripping at PetCo about an hour later. Feeling all the love in the world for the ferrets, lizards and fish housed there—which is not uncommon for me in a PetCo, but it felt a little over the top as compared to usual. But if I’m being quite honest here that was actually my favorite experience of microdosing! Maybe I need to trip a little to truly appreciate the effects.

After that I tried a .7mg dose, and then moved to .8mg dose when it felt like the .7mg dose did nothing. Oh, and I was dosing every 3 days, as recommended. 1 day on and 2 days off, repeat. I also felt that the .8mg dose did nothing, so I went back to 1mg and again… felt nothing. Like I said it’s supposed to be sub-perceptual, so I was not expecting to feel anything but also it didn’t seem to have any perceptual benefit. It is supposed to be useful for depression, productivity and creativity. I’m not typically a depressive person, but I was going through a difficult period with my dog taking a turn for the worse and finally passing away as I was doing this microdosing experiment. Grief is a very important emotion to experience and not something I would have wanted to not feel, and I suppose it could be argued that my grief process was very natural and normal for me so maybe it helped with that? I can’t be certain.

As far as the productivity and creativity went, I saw no change in my levels of either. I’m a high-functioning person by my standards already, and my productivity was not helped nor hindered by microdosing. I do struggle to have the creative output that I would like to be having currently, but I did not find that microdosing made a difference on that. In fact, I am doing better with creative output now that I am not microdosing, but I think the reason for that is completely unrelated; I’m trying (and succeeding) to hold myself to a almost daily writing practice. It would seem that just a little bit of discipline and not drug experimentation was what was needed here, so that’s a real bummer [insert laugh-cry emoji].

So, I finished that first 10mg bottle, but decided to save the 9mg for a close to full dose on as-of-yet-unknown special future date. My final report on microdosing? It was an interesting experiment, but I didn’t feel any positive or negative effect from it. Everyone’s brain and body chemistry is different, though! So don’t allow this to stop you from trying it if you’re interested. Just be sure to do your research, test your product and be safe! One thing I would recommend doing differently from me, if you do try it, is upping the dose or increasing the amount of days you’re taking it. Good luck friends! I support you destroying your brain meats if that’s what you want, or you know just carefully trying something not yet FDA approved.