The Nintendo Switch

Kink, fetish, power exchange, sensual dominance, and maybe some lite and humorous roleplay

Looking to explore some kinky fantasies? Mistress Kitty is here to guide you!

I have several years of experience playing with sensual kink and fetish. If you're looking for a mean domme to whip you into shape... well, that's not me but I can give you some recommendations! My overall personality is too sweet to be brutal, so my Nintendo Switch experience is more on the tame but highly experimental side. I'm not interested in giving or receiving pain, but I do enjoy playing with the power dynamics of pleasure.

Not only am a comfortable as a dominant or top, I am also arguably even more comfortable as a submissive or power bottom. But no matter which role I'm playing, I am always in charge! Please note that I am very selective in my choices to do switching and bottoming sessions, and I expect dominant friends to be able to fully communicate their intent for a scene with me ahead of time. I don't like surprises! I may also request the presence of a "dungeon monitor" for some switching/ bottoming scenes, which would just be another person I trust present but in another room.

Please note that all switch experiences will include a discussion of boundaries and limits prior to our session!

Here is a short list of my kink/ fetish interests:

  • bondage

  • prostate massage

  • pegging

  • gender play and cross dressing

  • foot fetish

  • panty fetish

  • violet wand

  • light spanking

  • light flogging (giving)

  • silly and irreverent roleplay

  • tease and denial

  • tickling