Your frequently asked questions and answers

Q: can you see me today?

A: I do have a very full schedule, and I like to plan everything in advance. I highly recommend contacting me at least 48 hours prior to when you would like to meet, and I often need up to a week or 2 weeks of advance notice. You can always try to get my attention for a same day appointment, especially when I'm on tour—but consider this fair warning that it's not likely to happen!

q: what is your cancellation policy?

A: I appreciate as much notice as possible on cancellations, and I'm sure you do as well! Of course, if you need to cancel on the day of our appointment I totally understand, but I will require a 50% cancellation fee based on the amount of time we were planning on spending together. Things happen in my life too and sometimes I'm the one who needs to cancel same day, in which case I am happy to offer an additional half hour of my time "on the house" if you choose to reschedule with me.

q: do you require a deposit?

A: Under certain circumstances, such as a multi-day date or if you would like to fly me to you, I will require a deposit. The amount will be dependent on the situation. Otherwise, I do not require a deposit—don't worry, I'll let you know if I would like one in order to make our special date a reality!

q: are your rates negotiable?

A: Unless we are discussing a customized date over an amount of time not listed in my coins (rates) section, my rates are set in stone. Attempts at negotiation will result in me being angry and probably not talking to you anymore.

Q: Why are your rates higher in DC/ NYC?

A: The cost of living in both of these cities is very high, and so is the cost of travel to and hosting in either place. My rates are higher in both places to provide a cushion for myself in regards to costs I incur in those areas, and time spent traveling to and from. In addition, wealth is concentrated in both cities and I do not have issues commanding higher rates in those places. Please see above (are you rates negotiable) if you’re wondering if this rate structure means there’s some kind of loop hole. Please also note that I do not offer incalls in Maryland, and if you would like me to get us hotel room in MD I can totally do that but I’ll be asking for my higher rates in that case.

q: do you provide references for other providers?

A: Yes! If we had a date within the last year, I am happy to provide you as many references as you like. I am not a jealous person and believe in helping others in this industry to be as safe as possible. It is not at all awkward for me to have other providers contact me for references on you.

Q: what sort of people do you see?

A: As long as you are respectful in communication with me, willing to be screened and 21+ years old, you are the sort of people I see! I do not discriminate based on (legal) age, race, gender, lifestyle, body type, disability, etc. etc. I also love to entertain couples and groups!

Q: are you "clean"?

A: Allow me to speak frankly: I get tested every 3 months and I require condoms for penetration below the belt with everyone (that includes you, and it's non-negotiable). I am happy to discuss safety further in person, but I find stigma around sexual health to be really distasteful. I don't like the term "clean" because it implies that others are "dirty," so let's just be up front and say what we mean to say. We're all adults here!

q: do you offer _____ services?/ is this particular act on your menu?

A: First of all, I appreciate email communication free from specific requests for particular acts. I think you will find me very open to exploration and trying lots of different things! And the more I trust a person, the more likely I am to be flexible on some things I may not do the first time I meet someone. I do not offer a specific menu, but you can find out more about what my particular services might be or feel like by reading about my "Super GFE" and "Nintendo Switch" quests.

Q: Do you drink/ smoke/ party?

A: I don't drink because having even a glass of alcoholic beverage usually makes me ill, unfortunately. I don't smoke cigarettes, but it's fine if you do. I have been known to do hallucinogens here and there, but not on our dates! That's a bit too wild for me. I am 420 friendly on dates, in moderation, and a confirmed weed connoisseur in my off time. I take prescribed medication for anxiety, but am otherwise drug free. I appreciate it when my friends show up for dates sober and moderate alcohol or cannabis intake while with me.

q: I miss you! Can i send you an email just to say hi and chat?

A: Of course! However, please understand that my schedule is very full, and my response may be brief or non-existent. I keep up with any correspondence regarding details for our date, but my ability to respond to chatty emails depends on a lot of variables. Please don't ever take it personally if you don't get much of a response from me!

q: didn't you used to go by kitten karlyle?

A: I did! I changed my stage name to Kitty because Kitten is not a single person's real name, and it was always awkward to meet folks in public or to have my name come up in pillow talk. You can also call me Kit, Kat, Kay, Kate or whatever K name variation suits you. Just don't ask me my real name! That's rude.