Princess Peach in the Streets, Lara Croft in the Sheets

(with smaller boobs)


I am not the sort to use flowery euphemisms or foreign languages in my intro... more the type to make video game analogies I guess? Let's just say I'm both a sweetheart and a sexy explorer.

Obviously, I'm mostly a huge dork- but a super fun one! I'd love to play some games together. Or get a nice meal. Go to a concert. Smoke (a moderate amount of) weed and talk about philosophy. Or just get down to business already! I do enjoy the finer things, but I'm not too pretentious to cut straight to the chase.



Instruction manual

Learn more about me, including a short bio, stats and an FAQ for those new to the game


A gallery of enticing shots of your heroine in action


Information on how we might spend our time together, my tour dates, my videos, and my doubles partners